Here are some Happy PUPPIES!!

Hi Debbie,
I was thinking about you this morning after my daily walk with our  Doodle Ben (born to Kassy and Dusty on 12-11-07).  What a fabulous dog he is!  During his nearly 8 years with us, he has never been sick (except for lodging a stick between his two back molars) and surprisingly, has never had an accident in the house.  From your website, it looks like you are continuing to provide wonderful Doodles to loving families.  We cannot thank you enough for our beautiful blessing.


Ray and Mary Boender


Bogey is GREAT!  He aced his puppy 
obediance and we will be moving 
forward to earn his canine good citizen 
in the very near future.  He is so smart 
and fun.
Bogey, Goldendoodle


He is doing wonderfully!  He has been 
great...housebroken, knows how to sit, 
lay down, shake hands and is learning 
to roll over.  He's pretty good on the 
leash and loves the water.  He also 
loves to retrieve. I'll forward some 
recent photos for you.  He is a loving 
family member.
Perry, Mini Australian Goldendoodle

I honestly can’t imagine any dog better than Bogey.  I could never say enough good things about him.  He is the most perfect dog in the world!  



Hey Debbie,
The little one is getting so big so quickly!! He's so playful and loving. Thank you.


Nikki, lives in South Carolina

Nikki is about 50lbs

This is Abbey..What a pretty girl!

Miles lives in Georgia

This is Bogey celebrating his birthday! :)


Sally and Alf puppies