Debbie's Doodle Ranch

I am a small hobby breeder in Sorrento, Florida.  All my puppies get personal attention and are happy
and healthy with plenty of room to have fun!  I only breed a couple litters a year so we strive for
temperament, loving personalities and socialization.  We want to make sure your experience is a
pleasant one and only want our puppies to go to new forever homes.  
, as we believe in order to know our dogs personally, they should
be here with us.  Puppies are raised indoors in a temperature controlled atmosphere for their comfort,
AND so we can give them as much personal attention as possible.  They all live in our home and are
members of our family.

I chose to breed
Goldendoodles the Mini AUSTRALIAN Goldendoodles because they are special to
me.  I love the breeds and they would be great companions to
ANY home, great for people with
allergies and low to non shedding.                                                
Goldendoodle's are great family dogs and are becoming among the most popular doodle breeds.  
They thrive on love and attention and are wonderful around children. These hybrids can be and have
been used as service dogs because they are so intelligent and people friendly. Being a low to non
shedder, and little to no odor, they are also very popular for people with allergies. A super addition to
any home.
The coat can be straight(no special care), wavy(very little grooming) and
curly(regular grooming and should be clipped 2 or 3 times a year)
. The temperament,as I
mentioned, is awesome, as the Golden Retriever has a calm, loving personality and wants to be with
his/her family any where they go. They are equally as trainable and intelligent as the Labradoodle. For
the family who loves the Golden Retriever, this is a wonderful alternative to the full blooded Golden
as they are low to nonshedding and increase their intelligence by matching the Standard Poodle with
the always loving Golden Retriever.

Debbie Gorton
32540 Appaloosa Trail
Sorrento, Florida   32776

 352-383-1271 (home)            
352-455-2074  (cell)
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an international genetics lab and the results
are in!!!! We were one of very few places in
the U S that had our parentage TRUE to the
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One of Amber's AMERICAN
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Bogey the Goldendoodle meeting the baby
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This is a pup from LUNA & ALF
         to loving PET HOMES

HOPING for puppies with -
Luna & Fletcher (standard goldendoodles)
Sally & Alf(mini australian goldendoodles)